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Resume/CV Help

Drawing a blank writing your resume? Don't worry! Here are Y.E.S. we are fully equipped to translate your amazing qualities into a competitive resume.  Schedule a resume consultation today and get the help you need to succeed!



Technical Writing and Journal Submission 

Going through your graduate process and struggling to to finish your  manuscript? Maybe you have just started graduate school and don't know where to start. Wherever you are, we at Y.E.S. beleive in meeting the client exactly where they are. Book a free consultation and  let us assist you to chart your path towards success!

Piles of Books
Piles of Books
Work Interview

Technical and Behavioral Interview

Gearing up for that big interview? Need to prepare but not quite sure  how. Here at Y.E.S., we assist in interview preparation and even facilitate mock interviews. Don't go into that interview room unprepared. Get prepared with Y.E.S! Schedule a consult today!





General Consult and Workshops


Here at Y.E.S. we offer a variety of services, from one on one  consults to large group workshops and seminars. We are excited to deliver workshop content ranging in topics from resume writing to data analysis and  optimizing conference attendance. Schedule a consult today!

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We provide workshops, seminars, or individual sessions via in person or virtual connections covering the following academic and professional development areas:

General Consulting and Training Related to the Following:

  • Resume and Curriculum Vitae Development

  • Technical Writing Development

  • Job Search Assistance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Data Processing Approaches

  • Data Analysis Approaches

  • Data Charting Approaches

  • Individual Development Planning

  • ​Branding and Networking

  • Presentation and Public Speaking

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Time Management Skills

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Applications

For information regarding course offering please press the link below. 


Topics range from resume building to manuscript submission.

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