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We are proud to share with you the following testimonials from previous and current clients.

Join the many happy customers and let Y.E.S. help you reach success.

Monique possesses a covetable knack for adjusting with grace and humor to unintended circumstances in the midst of well-laid plans She looks for ways to excel and deliver, and in my work-related interactions with her, those outcomes were achieved.

K. Simmons, Grant and Information Specialist

Norfolk, VA

Whenever with Monique, I became bright with her shining energy. She taught me how I can be competitive in every aspect of getting a job and writing a paper. Her considerate advises about academic topics and conversation skills will remain in myself until I finish my degree program.  

S. Han, PhD Candidate

Norfolk, VA

Working with you was a pleasure because your enthusiasm for the project exuded off on me, which made it all the more fun. Your professionalism and skills are very good, I could see you being a professor. 

A. Gurrola, B.S. Chemistry/Pre-medicine

Norfolk, VA

Monique is a pleasure to work with. Her charisma and self motivation can push anyone around her to strive for greatness.

I. Cashwell, PhD Candidate

Norfolk, VA

We are very grateful for your assistance in pulling off our IDP workshop. This was a successful event and students walked away excited about making and executing IDPs for their future.


Thank you for supporting us as we gained further experience with workshop creation and delivery. This helps in our continual development of necessary skills required once we finish this graduate program. As educators, you provided us with a nurturing environment and safe place for graduate students to grow and take advantage of available opportunities. 

Dr. S. Black, Professor of Chemistry

Norfolk, VA

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Here at Y.E.S., we are always  humbled by the kind words of our clients and their willingness to share how Y.E.S. has impacted their careers within their respective professions.

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