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We provide the following services in the form of workshops or individual sessions, via in person or virtual connections.​

Typing on a Computer


White Papers

Covers the key objectives and components of a successful and informative white paper. 

Manuscript Review Process 

​Covers the peer review process after manuscript submission; including potential journal responses and identification of next steps.

Manuscript Submission

Covers the process of manuscript submission beginning with journal selection and concluding with cover letter and formal submission. 

Work Decisions


Individual Development Plan

Detailing a plan for future progress is key to increasing individual output. This is a hard hitting workshop that forces individuals to visualize their current state and map requirements to attain a desired future state.

Career Fair/Conference Preparation 

​Strategies to make the most out of attending a conference and career fair. Tips for landing the interview and securing an internships will be discussed. 

Behavioral Interviewing 

​This workshop focuses on using the highly effective Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) approach for answering interview questions.

Technical Interviewing


This workshop details preparation techniques and tips for a successful technical interviewing.  

Resume Writing

​This workshop provides a step-by-step explanation for creating an informative and appealing resume. 

Cover Letter Writing

​This workshop provides a step-by-step explanation for creating a persuasive cover letter. 

Graduate School: What You Need to Know

This workshop discusses key factors to consider when applying to graduate school, identifying an adviser and choosing a project.  

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